Footballer Gets ‘Knocked Out Cold’ On The Pitch By His Own Team Mate After Being Kicked In The Face

Denis Odoi required oxygen after a brutal injury during Fulham’s clash with Cardiff
Denis Odoi was given oxygen by medical staff after he was horrifically kicked in the face during Fulham’s clash with Cardiff.
There was huge concern for the Cottagers defender as he lay motionless on the turf after he was knocked out following an accidental collision with team-mate Maxime Le Marchand.
Odoi was eventually stretchered off wearing a neck brace to applause from all four sections of the stadium.

The 29-year-old’s face took the full force of Le Marchand’s foot before the game was postponed for around ten minutes.
He did manage to get back onto his feet before being encouraged to lay back onto the turf for further treatment.
The extent of his injuries are not yet known but worried fans inside the stadium have shared their concern.

Odoi lay motionless after crashing to the turf
One said: “Damn, does not look good for Denis Odoi. Was knocked out cold and then head bounced off the ground.”
Another wrote: “Fulham and Cardiff players doing rondos to stay warm as Odoi is about to be stretchered off. Huge concern for him from medical staff. Game has been stopped for five minutes now.”
A third added: “Concerning sight to see Denis Odoi as dazed as he was, there. Really looked all over the place.”
Odoi was eventually stretchered off in the 28th minute of the contest and was replaced by Cyrus Christie.


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