The Ukrainian side welcomes the adoption of the Gas Directive amendments by the Council of the European Union.

The relevant statement was published on Facebook account of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU.

“Mission of Ukraine welcomes the adoption of the Gas Directive amendments, which is of great importance for the trilateral Ukraine – EU – Russia negotiations on gas transit. The gas directive amendments aim at closing a legal gap in the EU’s regulatory framework and boosting competition in the gas market. After the entry into force, the EU’s internal gas market rules, such as ownership unbundling, third-party access, non-discriminatory tariffs and transparency requirements, shall apply to pipelines to and from third countries, including Nord Stream 2,” reads the statement.

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The Ukrainian diplomats remind that the EU Member States will have 9 months from the Directive’s entry into force to transpose the new rules into national law.

“We count for in good faith, consistent and effective implementation of the EU Gas law provisions that is critical to ensure the equal treatment of Ukrainian Gas Transportation System and North Stream 2 project within the scope of EU law. Today’s step proves that the EU Member States share responsibility and demonstrate solidarity on the key principles of the European gas market and the Energy Union,” reads the commentary of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU.