UC News Man Kills His Daughter, Then Commits Suicide After Quarrel With His Wife

2019/03/17 10:14:01nationalhelm.co
A man killed his six-year-old daughter before taking his own life. The 27-year-old man was said to have cut the throat of his daughter on Saturday, March 16, provoking public outrage.

The incident happened in Kitui county in Kenya.

Deputy County Commissioner Jacob Ouma confirmed the incident on Sunday, March 17, saying the man who was embroiled in a domestic row with his wife had traveled from Mombasa where they lived together.

The administrator said the deceased had bitterly quarreled with wife before traveling back to Kitui where he killed his daughter.

“He committed the offence last night and went into hiding but angry Kibwea village residents determined to arrest him followed him and found him hiding at Kamukenge Hill today,” said Ouma.

It was reported the suspect managed to slip through the mob which was baying for his blood and threw himself off a cliff.

His body was taken to Mutomo Hospital mortuary where the body of his daughter had also been taken to. The wife of the deceased lost consciousness after getting the saddening news and is recuperating at Coast General Hospital.


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