– A Nigerian woman has been beaten to stupor by her husband who battered her face

– The woman, despite the hurt and pain, says she still loves her husband

– Facebook user Duruji Ogechi Duke shared her story and called on people facing any form of violence to speak up

A young Nigerian man has taken to social media to share the story of a wife who was beaten up by her husband. The activist revealed that the woman’s face was disfigured to an unidentified state.

The man identified as Duruji Ogechi Duke shared her story and photo of the woman beaten up on his Facebook page.

According to him, the woman was even rejected by an hospital due to the degree of her injury.

Duke further explained that the woman had even rejected the help of human rights activists when they tried to intervene. He said the woman noted that she was still in love with her husband.

The young man called on people who are in any form of violent situations to speak up and ask him for help.

He wrote: “The husband beat her to stupor that she was rejected at the hospital yet she says she still loves him even when human rights wanted to intervene for her and deal with the BEAST! You see one of the reason that demoralizes me from fighting for most women….If not this kind of men I go beat them like idiot..physically before I involve the police…Is better to have a divorced daughter than a dead daughter…

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