Cleaner at airport who returned money 4 times speaks out (video)

– Cleaner who claimed to have returned money to people four times complains

– The female cleaner claimed that she returned money to people who forgot it at the airport

– In an interview with, the woman claimed she would have been an ambassaor in other countries

Remember the Nigerian woman who was lauded and celebrated for her kindness after she returned a sum of N12 million to someone who forgot it in the toilet while she worked as a cleaner at Murtala Muhammad Airport?

This woman identified as Josephine Ugwu had returned the 12 million naira she found while she was working at the airport in 2015.

In a recent interview with, Ugwu had claimed that she returned money not once but four times. She also claimed that she returned eight and seven million naira on separate occasions.

Cleaner at MMI Airport who has returned money 4 times complains of not getting rewarded

According to her, she was not rewarded properly for her kindness. She said the government had given her a job and that was all. Ugwu said she would have been made an ambassador in other countries.

She had shared her thoughts after asked her what she thought about Atiku Abubakar’s reaction to President Buhari’s win. Atiku had said he would go to court over the election result.

The woman had expressed that Nigerians do not do good to each other. She further asked Atiku to forget the presidency for now and let President Buhari be since he won the election.


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