DMX is scheduled to be released from prison on Friday, Jan. 25.

Vulture confirmed via X’s lawyer that the rapper will finish up his one-year sentence for tax evasion tomorrow.  The man born Earl Simmons has been imprisoned since January of last year due to violations of his bail in the lead-up to his sentencing. He was officially sentenced in March. Though his original release date was Jan. 27, Federal Bureau of Prisons policy releases inmates early if their release date falls on the weekend. Pitchfork reports DMX will be under supervision for three years.

The rapper plans to hit the ground running and has allegedly been gearing up to release new music as soon as he can get to the studio. (#newmusicfriday, anyone?) Reports also alleged that he wants to get back in front of cameras and restart his acting career. If that’s not enough—and remember, the government just fined him for millions—X’s attorney Murray Richman said the rapper was fielding offers for book deals and movies based around his life while still in prison. He also reported that the rapper was the picture of health, telling reporters that he “looks great, is very happy, and overall, is doing remarkably well.”

Hopefully, that forward momentum will continue after X is released. He’s been required to attend mental health programs and complete outpatient drug abuse rehab after he is released. X on the right path could be someone to check for in 2019.


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